LV-AGH  Douglas DC-4                           (c/n  10329)


                                     Built as a C-54A-10-DC with serial 44-72224.  Converted by Douglas at Santa Monica to full
                                     DC-4 configuration (conversion # 69) and delivered as NC90864 to Santa Fe Skyways as "Sky
                                     Chief Taos"
in 1947.   Sold to Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina (FAMA) in 1948 in whose mark-
                                     ings it is seen above.  This was one of the new joint stock airline companies set up after WW II and
                                     FAMA's role was to provide international services. When all airline services were nationalized in
                                     1949 the aircraft passed to Aerolineas Argentinas and was named "Jorge Newbery".