LV-AFV  Avro 685 York C.1                         (c/n  1354)


                                     This scratchy old image came from a FAMA publication of 1947 vintage.  The York was
                                     obviously ex-RAF, but its prior identity is unknown (at least by this scribe).  The Yorks
                                     operated (incredibly) on the long haul from London to Buenos Aires. A once a week
                                     schedule was maintained leaving London at 11.00 hrs on Friday and staggering into B.A.
                                     14.30 hrs on Monday.  Intermediate stops were made in Paris, Lisbon (overnight), Dakar,
                                     Natal (Brazil, overnight), and Rio de Janeiro.  In 1950 LV-AFV was repatriated back to
                                     the U.K. and wound up on the British Civil Aircraft register as G-AMGL.   It was written
                                     off near Hamburg, Germany on 11 March 1952 whilst in service with Air Charter Ltd.  All
                                     4 engines failed on final approach due to fuel exhaustion.  The wheels-up forced landing
                                     resulted in the aircraft being a complete write off.