LV-ADS  Douglas DC-6                        (c/n  43031)


                                        The registration can be gleaned from under the port wing on the original print of this DC-6.  For
                                        some reason the name  "17 de Octubre" had not yet been applied.  The aircraft was delivered
                                        new in September of 1948 to FAMA and was incorporated into the fleet of the newly formed
                                        Aerolineas Argentinas in 1949.  On 7 September 1960 LV-ADS was working a regularly sched-
                                        uled flight from Asuncion, Paraguay to Buenos Aires when the number 3 propellor overspeeded
                                        and shook loose, impacting the number 4 engine.  The aircraft subsequently disintegrated.  Twenty-
                                        five passengers and six crew were killed.