HK-136  Douglas DC-4                           (c/n   10407)


                                     Aerovias Nacionales de Columbia S.A. was formed in 1940 as a result of the merger of three airlines:
                                     the German run SCADTA, Servicio Aereo Colombiano and Aerovias Ramales Colombianas. Despite
                                     the fact that AVIANCA wound up operating more than 30 DC-3s in the 1940s and 50s I do not have
                                     a decent photograph of any one of them.   When the first DC-4s were acquired in 1946 the airline
                                     commenced international services, primarily to Miami.  My shot was taken at a very undeveloped
                                     Idlewild (JFK) in the late 1940s.   c/n 10407 was the 28th conversion by Douglas after WW II of
                                     C-54s (in this case C-54A-15-DC  42-73202) to DC-4 standard.  It was originally Pan American's
                                     "Clipper Viking" (NC88929).   It was withdrawn from use following a forced landing in 1981 and
                                     placed on display on a pedestal in the Parque Jaine Duque Briceno north of Bogota.  George Evans
                                     took a shot of it in 1987 (below).  Looks like it had a radar nose modifiation at some point in its