CC-CAT  Curtiss C-46                                          (c/n  33236)


                                       Sociedad de Transportes Aeros, Ltda (ALA) was formed in 1954 by the merger of two small
                                       carriers:  Lyon Air and Air Chile.  Its backers were a large nitrate producing company of north
                                       -ern Chile.  The airline offered cut rate fares from Santiago to Panama (via Guayaquil) and on
                                       to Havana, Cuba.  In addition to C-46s it also flew a Consolidated B-24 Liberator Transport.
                                       As business grew, Lockheed Constellations were leased from Cubana   CC-CAT was one of
                                       the C-46s picked up with the acquisition of Lyon Air.  They had acquired it from Peru where it
                                       had flown as OB-OAB-244.    This aircraft was originally a USAAF C-46D-10-CU with serial
                                       44-77840.  ALA was taken over by LADECO in 1957.  The C-46 remained in Chile and was
                                       scrapped in 1982.