XY-ADF  Vickers 761 Viscount                  (c/n  188)


                                     UBA only had three Viscounts.  I assume that if one went in for a major, or had a mechanical,
                                     they swapped out a DC-3 (and later a Friendship) for that flight.  This shot is in the "better than
                                     nothing" category, although Mel Lawrence has a nicer (color) shot of it in Airliners.net.  On 24
                                     August 1972, at Sittwe, Burma (yes, it was still Burma, then) XY-ADF 
ran off the side of the
                                     runway after landing long (450 feet past threshold) and skidded for 1250 feet before coming to
                                     rest with the undercarriage collapsed.
  None of the 43 souls aboard was injured, although the
                                     aircraft was written off.