VT-DWA  Hindustan HUL-26 Pushpak                                          (c/n   ?)


                                     The Pushpak was the Aerona 11AC built under licence in India by Hindustan Aircraft (later
                                     Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd).  It was powered by a 90 hp Continental C-90. First flight was
                                     on 28 September 1958.   Some 154 were produced for Indian flying clubs.   This example
                                     was owned by the Indian Institute of Science (Center for Airborne Studies) and undertook
                                     a "Freedom Flight" from Kanya Kumari in the extreme south, to Srinagar in the far north of
                                     India in 1997 to celebrate "50 years of Independence".  The above image is courtesy of
                                     Hindustan Aeronautics.