VT-DNY  Boeing 707-437                                 (c/n  18414)


                                  Air India was the first airline to receive the Boeing 707-400 series (although Lufthansa were first
                                  to operate scheduled services with this, BOAC inspired version, of the 707-300), powered by
                                  Rolls Royce Conway 508 turbofans.  Only 37 aircraft were built to this configuration.  Air India
                                  had 6 of them.  The airline also operated five more 'conventional ' 707-337Bs.   VT-DNY, seen
                                  above in this landing shot by John Ware (via the John Havers collection) was delivered in March
                                  1962 and was named 'Dhaulagiri'.  It gave sterling service to the airline for two decades and was
                                  withdrawn from use in 1982.