VT-CQA   de Havilland D.H.104 Dove                           (c/n  4077)


                                      Airways (India) Ltd was founded in September 1945 (a month after VJ-day) and flew non scheduled
                                      services from Calcutta to Assam and into Burma.  In late 1946 they decided to augment their fleet of
                                      D.H.89A Rapides with a single Dove.  Seen above is the aircraft in a D.H. publicity photo showing
                                      that it could maintain height on just the starboard engine.  It was very common in that era for manufact-
                                      urers to photograph their aircraft with one feathered.    Unfortunately, on its way  out to join the AIL
                                      fleet in January 0f 1947, VT-CQA crashed into Mount Urbanu in Italy.    It was replaced by VT-CQY
                                      which went on to become Airlines of Western Australia's first Dove, VH-AWA.