VT-COU  Douglas DC-3                           (c/n 13570)


                                         Jamair was formed in 1946 by James B Muff, the former Chief Engineer for CNAC and Eddie Quinn
                                         a former CBI 'hump' pilot and radio operator.  The enterprise was funded by Maharajah Jam Sahib
                                         Nawanagar of Jamnagar.  It was based in Calcutta, and operated contract supply missions over the
                                         NE frontier and into Assam.      . It was one of the few air carriers not merged into the nationalized
                                         Indian Airlines Corporation.    It operated until 1977 when Eddie Quinn passed away, whereupon
                                         operations ceased.  Asian aviation historian Maurice Wickstead, from whose collection the above
                                         image comes, advises that some ten DC-3s were used at one time or another.    VH-COU was a
                                         former C-47A-25-DK Skytrain, (originally 43-93636) Lend-Leased to the RAF as Dakota III
                                         KG703.  It was released in October 1947 and sold to Jamair in October 1947.  Its ultimate fate
                                         is unknown.