VT-ATS  Douglas DC-3                                    (c/n  20359)

                                     Grainy image acquired from INA in 1948.    Indian National Airways had been formed as long back
                                     as 1933 by the Govan Brothers, using mainly de Havilland types.  Service was provided from Delhi
                                     to Karachi via Lahore, Multan and Jacobabad.    The airline had a working relationshop with Airwork
                                     who had already gained a foothold in Egypt with a goal to forming strong airline links from the U.K.
                                     through to India.    The Labour Government squashed that idea, of course when they decreed that
                                     Britain's air services should be provided only through the three State-owned corporations.   Anyway,
                                     INA itself was absorbed into India's nationalized Indian Airlines Corporation in 1955.  VT-ATS was
                                     the former C-47A-90-DL 43-15893.    On 17 July 1950 yhje aircraft was on a scheduled flight from
                                     Delhi to Srinagar when it ran into servere turbulence some 10km SE of Pathankot.  The port wing failed
                                     resulting in the loss of the aircraft plus its 18 passengers and four crew.