VT-ATN  Harlow PC-5A                                      (c/n  4  ?)


                                        This blurry image came from a Hindustan Aircraft brochure, circa 1946.  The Harlow PC-5 was
                                        a trainer version of the PJC-2 cabin monoplane.  Unfortunately the design came out in late 1940
                                        and strategic materials (i.e. aluminum, rubber et al) were being commandeered by big name manu-
                                        facturers and, since the Harlow did not have government orders for the PC-5, its continued out-
                                        look for series production was thwarted.   In 1941 Harlow was acquired by the Intercontinental
                                        Corporation (basically an import/export concern) who used three of the extant four PC-5 aircraft
                                        as overseas demonstrators.    It was then reported that 50 PC-5As were sold and supplied to the
                                        Indian Air Force in kit form to be assembled by the Hindustan Aircraft Ltd.    I have never been
                                        able to establish whether more than one was actually ever assembled.     Some reports state that
                                        they were, in fact, used by the Indian Air Force as trainers.   I seriously doubt it.  And if 50 were,
                                        in fact, exported, what happened to them?      In the event, the first (and only?) one assembled,
                                        VT-ATN was sold to a private party and put on the Indian Civil Register.