VT-ARK  de Havilland D.H.89B Dominie                          (c/n  6649)


                                     Most of the images I gleaned from Air-India in1947/48 were quite grainy, and this one is typical.
                                     It depicts a Dominie used on internal services in 1943.  In India, as for all Commonwealth countries,
                                     it was decreed that all civilian aircraft operating be camouflaged.    This aircraft was actually an ex-
                                     RAF Dominie, ostensibly HG650 but shipped straight out to India.  It was registered to the Govern-
                                     ment of India, although flown, briefly, by Tata Air Lines.  Later in 1943 it was re-impressed into the
                                     service as MA964.  I have no idea why it did not revert to HG650.  It was reputedly destroyed in
                                     flooding  in 1946 and struck off charge.