VT-AQX  Stinson Model A                     (c/n  9127)


                                      This oft published picture came originally from Air-India.  In 1941 the Indian Government acquired
                                      five Stinson Model As for Tata Air Lines.  All but one (this one) had prior US registrations, and were
                                      probably ex-American Airlines machines although I have not been able to confirm this. Since, as stated,
                                      c/n 9127 did not go to India until after WW II had broken out, it seems that it must have had some
                                      previous identity, unless it remained unused at Wayne, Michigan for some seven years     In the above
                                      shot the aircraft appears to be wearing some sort of camouflage, which would have been appropriate
                                      for this period of operation.  The disposition of all five of these Stinsons is unknown.  Probably scrapped.