VR-SCQ  Douglas DC-3                                             (c/n 13729)


                                    One of Malayan Airways original six DC-3s over a very underdeveloped Singapore in 1948.
                                    Malayan was formed in 1947 by various shipping companies in Singapore, hence the VR-S rego,
                                    rather than VR-R.  Initially service was provided to Kuala Lumpur and Penang using Airspeed
                                    Consuls.   DC-3s came in late 1947 and in 1948 and service was expanded to Saigon, Djakarta
                                    and Palembang.  The airline would eventually operate some 11 DC-3s.   VR-SCQ was an ex-RAF
                                    Dakota III (KG728) civilianized as G-AKPW.   It was later registered in Malaya as VR-RCQ and
                                    later still in Malaysia as 9M-ALQ when it passed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines   It was sold to
                                    Lao Air Charter in 1967 as XW-TDA and withdrawn from use by them some years later.