VR-HEU  Douglas DC-4                                          (c/n  10310)


                                           Cathay only ever operated two DC-4s.  VR-HEU, above, was formerly KLM's PH-TLO and
                                           was acquired in August of 1949.   Note ground crew neatly lined up under the port wing.  On 23
                                           July 1954 this DC-4 was on a scheduled flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong's Kai Tek Airport.
                                           At around 09.00 hrs it was attacked by a Chinese Air Force Lavotchkin La-7 over the South
                                           Chin Sea and mortally wounded.  (One wonders about the screening process to which the Chin-
                                           ese Air Force had subjected this hot shot fighter pilot).   Anyway, VR-HEU ditched off Hainan
                                           Island, and of the 18 aboard, 10 did not suirvive the crash.  The lucky 8 were rescued by a US
                                           Air Force Albatross (51-009, out of Clarke AFB).