VR-ABD  Fairchild C-82 Packet                                          (c/n  44-22981)


                                  The only Aden register aircraft I have in my collection is this Fairchild Packet which I shot at
                                  Long Beach in 1966.   Frankly, I am not at all sure that it ever reached the shores of the Gulf
                                  of Aden, although at least one knowledgeable correspondent states that it did!.  I am not even
                                  sure that it was owned by Aden Airways, although there again, certain individuals have indicated
                                  that they were the operators of it.    Whatever, it evidently reverted to its US registration of
                                  N136E sometime after my shot was taken.   I can confirm however, that it was NOT the C-82
                                  used in the movie "Flight of the Phoenix".