TC-GOK  Airspeed A.S.65 Consul                              (c/n  5132)


                                          Rare shot of a Turkish registered Consul from the Jerry Elmas collection.   Built as an Airspeed
                                          A.S.40 Oxford for the RAF as LW899 (original c/n was 1130), it was converted by Portsmouth
                                          Aviation Ltd in 1947 to Consul standard and registered G-AJLM.      It was operated by John
                                          Thomson Donaldson of Alloa (based in Perth); and named "Eagleways".  In July 1952 it was
                                          sold to Gok-Tur Serketi, and entered into the Turkish register in August of that year.  I just love
                                          the umlaut or whatever they call it in Turkey above the 'O' in the rego!