TC-ECE  Dougllas DC-3CS1C3G                          (c/n  12205)


                                        TC-EXE was built as a C-47A-1-DK with serial number 42-92408.  It was Lend-Leased to
                                        the RAF in 1943 as FZ647 and dubbed a Dakota Mk. III.  Released from military duties in
                                        1948, it went to DHY as TC-ECE.      Like severasl of its fleet-mates it was later sold to
                                        Ethiopian Airways, becoming ET-ABY.  In 1990 it was acquired by Scan Transportes Aereos
                                        of Maputo, Mozambique, where it became C9-STF.    When retired it wound up in Cape
                                        Town's Ratanga Junction Theme Park.  Photo from the Jerry Elmas collection.