PK-MPG  Cessna 185D Skywagon                       (c/n  185-0524)

                                     The above Peter Limon photo was taken at Melbourne's Moorabbin Airport in January 1966,
                                     probably as the aircraft was being transferred to the Australian register as VH-MFG. The action
                                     shot below came from the Larry Cole collection and was taken by his father in Irian Jaya in the
                                     early 1960s.  The Missionary Aviation Fellowhip aircraft was making a supply drop to a remote
                                     locale in the New Guinea Eastern Highlands, with the starboard door removed to facilitate the drop.
                                     Unlike the majority of the block of PK-MP machines, this one was not previously registered in
                                     Dutch New Guinea (under the JZ-series) but came across the border from PNG and was prev-
                                     iously VH-BVM.  It later transferred back onto the Australian register in March 1967 as VH-MFG.
                                     In June of that same year it went missing on a flight from Telefomin to Olsobip and its wreckage was
                                     never found.