PK-JDB  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                           (c/n  32878)


                                        This 'late model' C-47B-30-DK was to have been 44-76546 but was supplied to the RAAF as
                                        A65-85 in 1945.  When disposed of in 1969 it was acquired by a US broker Stan Booker and
                                        registered N16130 (for ferry purposes).    It was then flown to Indonesia and sold to Sempati
                                        Air Transport where it became PK-JDB.  It was later re-registered PK-JDG for some reason.
                                        Its ultimate fate is unknown. The above shot, from the Paul Howard collection (via Geoff Goodall),
                                        was taken at the old Paya Lebar Airpor,t Singapore (now Singpaore International Airport) probably
                                        in the early 1970s.