PK-GCC  Convair 240-23                                             (c/n  173)


                                     Kind of a weird image of a Convair barreling out of some ( presumably Djakarta) airport in the
                                     early 1950s.  I have left the village in the shot for effect.  Photo courtesy of Garuda Indonesian
                                     Airways.  Garuda's eight Convair 240s were all delivered at the same time.  This one was named
                                     'Djalak' (Starling).    Convair had probably caught up with its civilian backlog by that time, and
                                     was about to go into a large batch of T-29As .   PK-GCC returned to General Dynamics in 1964,
                                     having flown with GIA for fourteen years.  It was converted to a CV600 and registered N94296.
                                     It later went to Central Airlines as N74860.