PK-CPD  Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina                           (c/n 394)


                                    When Indonesia finally wrested its independence from the Dutch in 1949 it oddly retained the same
                                    nationality markings that it had been allotted under colonialism.  The only other country that I can think
                                    of which elected to do this was India.  Anyway, Garuda Indonesian Airways was formed in December
                                    1949 from the remnants of the old KNILM.  It was jointly owned by the Indonesian government and
                                    KLM, but by 1956 was totally Indonesian owned.  Rather a strange choice of title, actually, since the
                                    garuda is a mythical bird-like creature found in Hindu mythology, whereas Indonesia is a Muslin country
                                    (actually the largest, population-wise, in the world).   Since Indonesia is also a nation made up of many
                                    islands, it was somewhat natural, in the early days, that flying boats found favor in the fleet.  Eight Cata-
                                    linas were transferred from KNILM to Garuda in 1949.  PK-CPD was the former US Navy's BuAer
                                    07243 which had been civilianized as NC1216M.     It was named 'Djoronga' in Garuda service.