PI-C45  Douglas DC-4  Far Eastern Air Transport                                  (c/n  10353)


                               Pre-WW II there was, in the Philippines, a company called Iloilo-Negros Express Co (INAEC) founded
                               in 1932.  Obviously interrupted during the war, (wherein its entire fleet was destroyed) it rose again after-
                               wards (in 1946) with DC-3s and at least one DC-4, and changed its name to Far Eastern Air Transport,
                               Inc. (FEATI).   In addition to inter Philippines routes it also did some overseas contracting/route exploration
                               flights with the DC-4 to the US, to wit, Oakland  where this rare shot from the Bill Larkins collection was
                               taken, circa 1946.   It, and another company, Commercial Air Lines, Inc (CALI) were absorbed by Philip-
                               pine Air Lines in 1947.          The DC-4, possibly the only one that INAEC operated, was named "Miss
                               Mindanao", a name carried thru when flown by Philippines Air Lines.  An ex C-54A-15-DC, delivered in
                               July 1944, the aircraft was civilianized in 1946 as N75414 for Executive Transport Corporation who soon
                               sold it to FEATI.   Oddly. it was sold to Transocean Air Lines later in 1946.  TALOA owned it until 1948
                               when it was sold back to Manilla for Philippine A/L as PI-C106.  A year later it was sold to Bharat Airways
                               in India as VT-CZW.  After transferring to Indian Airways Corp and later used for spares, it was broken up
                               at Bombay in May 1982.