PI-C291  Douglas DC-6                                             (c/n  43060)


                                      In 1948, PAL were the first Asian airline to establish a trans-Pacific route to the U.S.  To accomplish
                                      this a fleet of five DC-6s was acquired.  Here, "Leyte" is seen climbing out of San Franscisco on the
                                      long haul to Honolulu, Johnston Atoll, Wake, Guam and Manila.    Shortly after this shot was taken,
                                      on 15 November 1948, this aircraft was damaged beyond repair when it overshot the runway whilst
                                      landing at at Wake Island.   The photograph below, submitted by Ian Carl San Gabriel, shows sister
                                      ship PI-C292 "Lingayen" (c/n 43138) in the white topped livery adopted in the 1950s.