OD-ABJ   Sud-Est SE.161 Languedoc                  (c/n  20)


                                  Air Liban was founded in 1945 as Compagnie Generale de Transports (CGT) in more or less direct
                                  competition with MEAC, although with the difference that its route emphasis was from the Middle East
                                  to Dakar and Lagos in west Africa.  Initial equipment were Ju 52/3mWs, (actually French licence-built
                                  AAC.1s).   DC-3s then became the mainstay, although in 1951 this Languedoc was added accompanied
                                  by a name change to Air Liban.  It was used mainly on flights to Kuwait.  In the event, only one SE.161
                                  was acquired, plans for a second one (to have been OD-ABK) falling through.  OD-ABJ was the former
                                  Air France F-BATT.  Air Liban merged with Middle East Airlines in 1963 and gradually disappeared
                                  from the corporate name.