OD-AAB  Douglas DC-3                         (c/n  20175)


                                   Just who these worthies are was not disclosed in the caption of this photograph.  However,
                                   since the shot was taken in Amman, Jordan, and since the DC-3 was registered OD- versus
                                   LR-, I would hazard a guess that the occassion was a very early state visit to the then new
                                   King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Hussein 1.  If any viewer can identity these officers
                                   I would be happy to so anotate.    OD-AAB was previously LR-AAB.  Lebaanon changed
                                   its prefix in 1952.   I am not sure what prompted this channge, since the country had been in-
                                   dependent since 1943 (it was a French Mandate between the wars) and I know of no significant
                                   historical event which separates the era before and after the early 1950s.  Anyway, OD-AAB
                                   was an ex C-47A-90-DL  (43-15709).  After MEA disposed of it, the aircraft has had an
                                   interesting history, going first to Air Comores as F-OCEN,  After service with the Aviation
                                   Militaire Comorienne and the South African Air Force it went to the US and was converted to
                                   a Turbo DC-3-65TP and is, I believe, still active with Baja Air as N145RD.