N90827 (4X-AKA)  Lockheed L-049 Constellation      (c/n  1965)

                                      Prior to the formation of the State of Israel internal services within Palestine were flown by the
                                      Palestine Aviation Company (Aviron) between Jerusalem, Lydda and Haifa using a variety of
                                      small types (D.H. Rapides, Short Scions etc.)..  A new company, El Al, was founded on 15
                                      November 1948 to replace this company, now that the independent jewish State of Israel had
                                      been created.  DC-4 service to London was started in 1949 and the following year three L-049
                                      Constellations were purchased by The Jewish Agency Inc from various sources   The first of
                                      these is seen in this image taken from an El Al post card.  Close examination of the original re-
                                      veals that this aircraft is carrying its prior US registration of N90827.