JY-ABH  Douglas DC-3                                 (c/n  4223)


                                    In 1953 Transocean Airlines of Oakland, California, bought a major interest in Air Jordan, a
                                    company founded in 1950 by H.E. Ismail Bilbeisi Pasha.  This small line had previously oper-
                                    ated Airspeed Consuls on short haul routes out of Amman.   TALOA updated it with DC-3s
                                    and the aircraft above is one of them, as evidenced by the livery.   The tiny fin rego is par for
                                    the course for a 1953 image. JY-ABH was previously N95433.   After merging with Arab
                                    Airlines to form Air Jordan of the Holy Land, it ceased operations in 1960, its place being taken
                                    by Jordan Airways, a MEA subsidiary.  JY-ABH was still flying into the 1980s registered N483F
                                    and based at Valetta, Malta.