JA6302   Douglas DC-7C                                       (c/n  45469)


                                     United used to service JAL's DC-7Cs on turnaround at LAX on their polar route to Tokyo in
                                     the 1960s.  Above is "City of Honolulu", one of the fleet of  five, on the maintenance ramp
                                     adjacent to Western's.  The JAL DC-7Cs were registered JA6301 to 6306.  JA6304 was not
                                     assigned, since the sound of the word for "four" (in both Japanese and Chinese) is the same as
                                     the sound of the word for "death".  Similarly, hospitals do not have a fourth floor.   This aircraft
                                     was sold to Pan Aero Corporation in 1966 who leased it to Schreiner Airways in Holland where
                                     it became PH-SAO.  It was withdrawn from use at Cambridge, UK in 1967 and broken up there
                                     two years later.