HS-POE  Douglas DC-4                                         (c/n  7488)

                                    HS-POE was one of two (HS-POA was the other) DC-4s inherited from Pacific Overseas Airlines.
                                    It was later registered HS-TSA.   These DC-4s were used on the Hong Kong flights.     The above
                                    shot was by the late Peter R. Keating taken at Don Muang in 1951 probably while the DC-4 was
                                    undergoing heavy maintenance having just been taken over by Thai Airways.  The poor quality image
                                    below is a from a post card I acquired from Thai in 1952.     This DC-4 wound up in South Africa as
                                    ZS-IPR and was then purchased by the Dutch Dakota Association becoming PH-DDY.  Parts of it
                                    were used  to keep their other DC-4 (ZS-AUA) flying and c/n 7488 is now on static display at Lely-
                                    stad airfield in the Netherlands.