HL-7432    Boeing 707-338C                                     (c/n  19626)


                                         99% of the time Greg Banfield took perfectly positioned shots, as anyone who has perused this
                                         website will attest.   As any of us know, however, that cannot always be achieved and this photo
                                         of HL-7432, taken at Mascot on 5 April 1978 is an example.  To quote Greg "It was parked in
                                         a very difficult position!".    Greg had following its metamorphosis from VH-EAF over several
                                         weeks in 1978.  I believe Korean used it exclusively as a freighter. 
In 1986 it returned to Boeing
                                         as N770JS as part of that company's project to become the prototype for E-8A J-STARS
                                         program.  It later was given the military serial 86-0416 and is, I believe, still flying today as the
                                         only TE-8A trainer..