F-OCFJ  DHC-6 Twin Otter 100                                       (c/n  9)


                                       F-OCFJ was intended to become VH-TGT with TAA.  It was formerly the Twin Otter demo
                                       aircraft CF-UXE and was at Farnborough in 1968 with that rego, and in full TAA livery.    It
                                       arrived in Australia later in 1968 as CF-UXE .  However, TAA opted to take a new Twin
                                       Otter instead and Hawker de Havilland sold –UXE to Air Caledonie where it became F-OCFJ.
                                    .  David Carter's photo above shows it at Bankstown in 1970 just after Hawker DH had converted
                                       it to a series 200 with the long nose.    It went to Air Tahiti in 1974 and I actually flew in it from
                                       Papeete to Moorea in 1978.  In 1990 it went to Fiji as DQ-FEZ, had several owners and then
                                       was acquired by Ikhana Group Inc of Marietta, Georgia as N806RT.   It was still current in