CR-TAH  de Havilland DH 104 Dove 2A                                (c/n  04393)


                                This was to have been N1562V out of the factory, but around that time the market and the 'love'*
                                for these sleek aircraft tapered off in the USA (either that, or the inventory was too large, or other
                                aircraft coming on the local production market were deemed superior, or what, I don't know, but
                                several were cancelled from their American distributor).  This was one of them and was registered
                                in the U.K. as G-AMXU.  It was sold to Transportes Aereos de Timor in March 1955. Dave Eyre
                                saw it at de Havilland's at Bankstown in July 1971 (above) being overhauled for its next user, Solo-
                                man Islands Airways whence it became VP-PAJ.   Further fate unknown.

                               *  When masses of Doves were exported to the US for executive transport purposes in the early 1950s
                                   their sales slogan was "You'll luv the Dove!":