B-844  Curtiss C-46                                    (c/n  22353)


                                    Following the collapse of the Kuomintang (Nationalist) government in China, and its subsequent
                                    flight to Taiwan, the Republic of China changed their registration letters from XT- to B-.  In those
                                    days the Chinese Communist airline (CAAC) used a number only.  Somewhere around the early
                                    1970s both Chinas decided to use the "B-" prefix, since both insist they are the "true" China. This
                                    situation holds true, even today.  Now, when I lived in the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the 1970s,
                                    supposedly there was absolutely no communication between the two entities.  In fact, it was cons-
                                    idered treasonous to do so.   And yet, even though both sides used the "B" prefix, no duplication
                                    ever occurred!   Clearly somebody was talking to somebody!    As an example:  B-2022 was an
                                    Il-62 of CAAC (the Chinese Communist national airline of that era) whilst B-2023 was a Viscount
                                    of Far East Air Transport headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan!     Anyway, B-844 seen above, had just
                                    been re-registered when this shot was taken, and the old XT- prefix had been so hastily overpainted
                                    that the "X" still shows.   This C-46D-20-CU had originally been registered XT-818.  It was with-
                                    drawn from use in 1955.