ZS-BNG  Vickers 635 Viking 1B                                    (c/n  292)


                                   Another of my very early shots taken at Kumalo Airport, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia in 1949. 
                                   SAA acquired a fleet of eight Vikings in 1947 (actually, the penultimate machines, only one more
                                   being produced after their last one, and that also for South Africa - but for Suidair International).
                                   ZS-BNG was the third and was named "Mont aux Souces".  (They were named after mountains,
                                   this one being the highest poiint in the Northern Drakensburgs - which I'm sure have been renamed
                                   by now).   All of SAA's Vikings were sold to BEA at the end of 1950/early 1951 and ZS-BNG
                                   became G-AMNX "Sir Philip Broke".   It was broken up at London Airport in 1961 after flying
                                   for Eagle Aviation (Cunard Eagle) for a number of years.