ZS-ASP  Lockheed 18-08 Lodestar                                       (c/n 2030)


                                     In the early 1950s the mode of the times was to paint the rego on the rudder in (usually) minuscule
                                     letters.  Fortunately this Lodestar didn't go quite that far, and it is still legible.  Note that ZS-ATA in
                                     the left background has not yet succumbed to that treatment.  In those days the name of the airline
                                     was written in English on one side (usually, although not always the starboard side) and in Afrikaans
                                     on the other (as "Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens").  This is no longer done.  In fact, in line with the current
                                     policy within the country of completely obliterating all vestiges of its colonial (both British and Dutch)
                                     past, by renaming everything, I am surprised that the airline hasn't been renamed Air Bantustan or
                                     something equally ridiculous.   Anyway, back to ZS-ASP.  It was sold in the US in the late 1950s as
                                     N667 and then went to Peru becoming OB-F557.   Its final fate is unknown.