ZS-AGB  Airspeed AS.6J Envoy                           (c/n  51)


                                        Not many airlines operated the Airspeed Envoy (one other carrier that springs to mind was Czech-
                                        slovakia's CSA).   SAA had four of them operating local services in the Transvaal and Orange Free
                                        State and as far south as Port Elizabeth in Cape Province.   This aircraft was named "Sir Hercules
                                        Robinson" and appended below is an enlargement of the nose of the Envoy, just so's you know that
                                        I'm not making this stuff up.   Anyway, Sir Hercules was a foreign diplomat par excellence.  He not
                                        only served with distinction in the West Indies, Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji (to name just a few of his
                                        posts) but also engineered (along with Cecil Rhodes) efforts to unite the British and Dutch parties in
                                        the Cape Colony.