ZS-AFD  Junkers Ju52/3mge                                    (c/n  4059)


                                  South African Airways was formed by the government of the Union of South Africa as a subsidiary
                                  of South African Railways, from whom I obtained this nice image of a Ju52 in the lee of Cape Town's
                                  Sugarloaf Mountain.   The airline was formed on 1 February 1934 and acquired the assets and
                                  routes of Union Airways.   Union's earlier Junkers machines were replaced by a fleet (totaling 15
                                  peak) of Ju 52/3mges.   In the mid 1930s the Johannesburg-Bulawayo route was extended to Nairobi.
                                  ZS-AFD was sold to Lufthansa in 1938, becoming D-ACBO.