VP-YGS  Beech 35 Bonanza                                    (c/n D.446)


                                       Certainly not an airliner (although they have been used as such).  I decided to throw in this image
                                       of a Bonanza to boost my VP-Y selection!.   This aircraft had originally been imported into South
                                       Africa as ZS-BPX in 1947.  It was sold onto the UK civil register as G-AKYV before being regis-
                                       tered in Southern Rhodesia.  I doubt it ever physically went to the UK or bore the G- registration,
                                       frankly (and may, in fact, never have carried ZS-BPX).    There may have been some currency
                                       restrictions in place in Rhodesia at the time, accounting for these re-registration shenanigans.