VP-KPN   Piper PA-24 Comanche                                          (c/n  24-1946)


                                         VP-KPN was registered new in 1960 (ex N6813P) for Wilken Air Services of Nairobi.
                                         Wilken was an air charter business founded in 1958.  Keith Mousley, seen in front of the
                                         Comanche in 1960 was one of its first pilots.  Above shot from his daughter, Janet..  The
                                         company shed its aviation division in the 1970s, selling it off the Cooper Motors, Ltd, only
                                         to re-enter the air charter business again in 2008.      VP-KPN became 5Y-KPN in Sept-
                                         ember 1964 upon Kenya receiving its independence.    Its ultimate fate is unknown.