VK-KOJ  Canadair C-4 Argonaut                                    (c/n  159)


                                  In 1957 East African purchased (somewhat under duress*) five Argonauts from BOAC.  One
                                  of them is seen here at London Airport in 1959.    Note BOAC York in background.    These
                                  Canadairs were operated on flights from London to Nairobi, in addition to local flights from the
                                  Kenyan capital to Entebbe, etc..   This machine was repatriated in 1964 to Air Links, reverting,
                                  of course, to its previous registration of G-ALHM.
                                  *  EAAC's management, when looking around to replace its DC-3s had opted for Convair 440s.
                                  However, BOAC, in its role as parent, or elder statesman (or, more importantly, as major share-
                                  holder) had other ides and "convinced" the upstart little African airline to take their worn out
                                  Argonauts.  This was not the first time that the heavy handedness of BOAC's management would
                                  lay down the law.