VH-KIU   Piper PA-22-135 Tri Pacer                         (c/n  22-1372)


                                          This was originally VP-KKY.    When purchased in July 1959 by Keith Mousley, who ran
                                          Kiu farm, it was appropriately reregistered VP-KIU.   (The original -KIU was a J/1 Auto-
                                          crat  which had been sold in the Sudan in November 1958 as ST-ABK).  These photos are
                                          from Janet Mousley and show the Tri Pacer being overhauled (below) and above prior to
                                          its test flight with a renewed CofA in July 1969.      Campling Bros & Vanderwal were the
                                          Piper dealers for East Africa, and also performed major maintenance.   Janet advises that
                                          the rather severe looking bloke with the cap was "Commander Boskovic".   The Tri Pacer
                                          had been operated for a couple of years by the Kenya Police Force, although Mousley
                                          acquired it from R.B.Sherriff of Nakuru.    It was sold off in March 1961 to Instrumentation
                                          Ltd of Nairobi, who managed to write it off in a crash some eight months later (November