G-ANUB  Boeing 377 Stratocruiser                                    (c/n 15969)


                                     At about the time that West Africa began to fall apart,  i.e. when so-called "self determination"
                                     became the politically correct way of describing the wave of nationalisn which swept the continent,
                                     WAAC began services to London with chartered BOAC Stratocruisers.  It was deemed terribly
                                     important to "keep up with the Jones's" in those days (1957-58), and since Ghana Airways was
                                     making such progress in their perceived role as prime mover in the emancipation process, far be
                                      it for WAAC (Nigeria) to be left behind.  And so here is G-ANUB all decked out with the flying
                                     elephant logo on the fin at London Airport (a Jennifer Gradidge photo).    This was just before it
                                     was broken up at Stansted.    No doubt its days with WAAC accelerated its demise.