ET-T-20  Convair 240-25                           (c/n  168)


                                  In 1950 Ethiopian purchased two Convairliners new from San Diego.  These were augmented, in
                                  1956, by another ex-SABENA machine.  The first CV-240 is seen above at Addis Ababa in 1952.
                                  In the early 1950s the San Diego printers Frye and Smith Ltd put out a set of post cards depicting
                                  Convairliners in various liveries.  Their image below gives a good representation of the colorful paint
                                  job employed by Ethiopian Airlines at the time.  In 1962 this Convair was re-registered ET-AAV
                                  and then, in 1964, went to Central Airlines as N74857 where it was converted to a Convair