CR-ABJ  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                         (c/n  11698)


                                  Photos of DETA aircraft are rare.  When, as an air cadet,  I wrote to the airline in the 1940s and 50s
                                  for material I invariably received no reply.  I am, therefore, indebted to John Heggblom for the DETA
                                  images appearing on this website, all of whom were taken by his late father, "Connie" Heggblom   The
                                  above shot of the DC-3 named 'Limbombos' was taken at Lourenzo Marques in 1955.   c/n 11698
                                  was built as a C-53-DO (that's a C-47 without the wide doors) with USAAF serial number 42-68771
                                  and was civilianized in 1946 for DETA.    In 1970 it went to the Portugese Air Force as FAP 6170
                                  (in situ in Mozambique) and in 1974 was transferred to the Mozambique Air Force as 6170.  It was
                                  later scrapped at Maputo (Lourenzo Marques -  heaven forbid that an old colonial name been allowed
                                  to remain after independence).