G-CAHI  Fokker Universal                                       (c/n  412)


                                         G-CAHI was one of six Universals delivered to the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries
                                         in 1927 - G-CAHJ next to it was another one.  (Image from a pre WW II Fokker brochure).  This
                                         aircraft was used on the Hudson Strait Expedition in 1928.   When Canada was allocated the prefix
                                         CF- in 1931, it appears that few (if any) of the previously registered G-C series aircraft were actually
                                         repainted (unlike in Australia where all the extant G-AUs became VH-).  It appears that the Canadian
                                         machines remained G-C until stricken from the register.   (Confirmation of this by a Canadian aviation
                                         historian would be welcomed).