CF-JRY      Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                    (c/n   4585)


                                                    Here's the Shell Oil Company of Canada's smartly turned out DC-3 CF-JRY at Denver's
                                                    Stapleton Airfield in July 1959.   As was the style of the day, the registratuion is carried in
                                                    minute letters on the rudder (which is why I tried to ensure it was visible under the wing!).
                                                 .  This was an early model C-47A-DL with the Army Air Corps serial of 41-18493.  It was
                                                    operated for a while by Western Air Lines before going to the Alaska Wing ATC in 1943.
                                                    TWA operated it from 19 June until Sept 13, 1944.  It passed to the Reconstruction Finance
                                                    Corporation in October of 1945 and entered the US civil register as NC38939 for Chicago
                                                    & Southern Airlines.  It was later re-registered N4585 (its c/n) before Shell Canada acquired
                                                    it in 1957   It was sold to D G Harris Productions Ltd in 1969 and named  ‘Arctic 7’.
                                                    CF-JRY was destroyed by a storm at Malton Airport, Ontario on 30 August, 1970.