CF-FHB-X   de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver         (c/n  1)


                                              Here (above and below) are two de Havilland Canada images of the prototype Beaver in two of
                                              the three configurations in which it was demonstrated (the third, of course, being on skis).   The
                                              initial building of the Beavers resulted in some rather interesting registration assignments.  Since
                                              CF-FHA to FHZ were all DHC products (mainly Beavers with the odd Chipmunk thrown in) one
                                              might have suspected that the prototype would have been CF-FHA, and successive c/ns (other
                                              than "specials" which went to OPAS in the CF-O series, etc) would have been in sequence.  Not so. 
                                              CF-FHA, for instance, was c/n 15.   Anyway, this machine is now preserved in the National Aviation
                                              Museum at Rockcliffe/Ottawa, Ontario.   For a complete history of this (and almost every other
                                              Beaver built) go to Neil Aird's fabulous "Beaver Tails" site at: