CF-FAA  Noorduyn Norseman IV         (c/n  281)


                                                    Another of Pacific Western's Norseman at Sea Island, Vancouver.    CF-FAA was an ex USAAF
                                                    UC-64A, serial number 43-5290.  It was purchased from War Assets by the Eldorado Mining and
                                                    Refining Co Ltd in 1946.  Queen Charlotte Airlines acquired it in bad shape in 1951 and did a
                                                    complete restoration on it.  When that airline was taken over by Pacific Western, the asset in the
                                                    form of CF-FAA  was absorbed by PWA.  It was later sold to the Uranium Corporation, also of
                                                    Vancouver, BC.   In 1960 it was exported to Chile, becoming CC-CSD.    I might, again, be
                                                    tempted to trade minor body parts for an illustration of it so registered.